SQL Backup 6 has been released

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SQL Backup 6 has been released

Postby Matt.Lee » Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:33 am

SQL Backup 6.0 has been released and is available for download.

SQL Backup 6 introduces many new features designed to make your backup and restore routines even more efficient and reliable.

Key changes:

Network resilience (Pro edition). When you are transferring backup files across a network, any problems with the network connection are likely to interfere with the transfer, and will probably cause the process to fail. SQL Backup 6 Pro introduces the network resilience feature to protect against:
• Temporary network outages during all backup and copy operations
• Extended network outages while copying transaction log backup files
New compression level 4 (Pro edition). Compression level 4 will be of benefit whenever you are short of storage space. Additionally, if you are transferring data across the network, compressing it using compression level 4 will reduce the amount of data to be transferred, and hence the time required for the transfer.
Kill existing connections as part of the restore process (Pro edition)
• Log shipping now includes an option to skip the initialization of the destination database (Pro edition)
Check for orphaned users as part of the restore process (Pro edition)
Enhanced timeline responsiveness. Changes to the way that SQL Backup collects and refreshes the data mean that the time line in SQL Backup 6 refreshes more quickly, and is more responsive.
Re-runnable wizards. Ability to step back through the wizards to re-run an operation if a problem occurs
• Manage existing backup files with new purge options
• Ability to view SQL Backup log files from the user interface
• Ability to deactivate licenses from the user interface
• Various bug fixes and design enhancements

Visit the product page to read more about SQL Backup 6
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