wrapper c++ to c#: sending "void" as parameter

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wrapper c++ to c#: sending "void" as parameter

Postby yus » Fri Sep 28, 2007 8:57 pm

Hi, i am creating a wrapper for c++ functions into a c# program.

my c++ procedure goes like this
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void QS_Init(int x, int y){...}
void QS_LoadDLL (const char *pDLLPath, void **phLoadDLL){...}

I have made wrappers before, i know that i have to do goes something like this

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[DllImport ("ViacoNet.dll")]
public static extern void QS_Init(int x, int y);
[DllImport ("ViacoNet.dll")]
public unsafe static extern void QS_LoadDLL(string pDLLPath, ????);

What i dont know is how to send a void as a reference for my procedure?? how do i do that?? how do i map the "void **phLoadDLL" into c#??? what goes instead of the "(string pDLLPath, ????);"

any help is totally and completely appreciated, thanks!!!
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