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SQL Toolkit 5.2 released

Postby david connell » Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:54 pm

We've just released version 5.2 of the SQL Bundle. You can download it from:

https://www.red-gate.com/Dynamic/downlo ... sqltoolkit

The following issues were addressed
SQL Compare 5.2
    Fixed problem when reading case-sensitive computed columns
    Fixed scripting issue when attempting to revoke permissions on newly built function
    Fixed "Specified Cast is not valid" exception when users do not have full permissions
    Fixed problem where occasionally an "index outside the bounds of the array" exception was thrown when reading CLR objects
    Fixed problem where if the “ignore constraint and index names” option was enabled objects could be missing from the synchronisation
    Fixed problem where if a constraint’s object text was greater than 4000 characters a duplicate object would be detected.
    TYPE COLUMN options now work correctly with varbinary(max)
    Calls to sp_addrolemember are now unicode compliant
    Context sensitive help nolonger throws an unhandled exception when running under .NET2
    Fixed problem where SQL Compare attempted to generate XML indexes on SQL2000 databases
SQL Data Compare 5.2
    Fixed problem with UDTs and Indexed views
    SQL Data Compare now no longer attempts to do invalid casts of alias types
SQL Packager 5.2
    Updated help
    SQL Packager no longer includes data when the table schema is deselected
    Indexed Views are now displayed correctly
    Fixed problem when loading an old project, deselected tables were reselected
    It is now possible to disable the "Include Indexed views" option
    Added basic support for pre & post SQL scripts
    Added extra SQL Data Compare samples to C#/VB

- David Connell
Red Gate Software Ltd
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