Suprse!-- tempdb is now 500GB!

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Suprse!-- tempdb is now 500GB!

Postby Fingers88 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:37 pm

A server used for Datawarehousing (and OLTP) often holds surprises and this morning I found tempdb was 500GB (out of 2TB total). Our developers use a GUI-based third-party tool to generate sql that updates our OLTP database. A single GUI "box" could generate hundreds if not thousands of sql INSERT rows and we do not normally know what sql is being generated. If there is an open transaction, or massive JOINS, or SORT BYs, our developers have no awareness of them.

How can Sql Montior help out? Is there at least way a way to notify me when the tempdb has grown by more than "x" % and maybe indicate the querie(s) running at this time?


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