Deployment Manager v1.1.10 Released

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Deployment Manager v1.1.10 Released

Postby csmith » Thu May 30, 2013 1:05 pm


I'm pleased to announce that we shipped Deployment Manager v1.1.10 today.

What is new in Deployment Manager v1.1.10?
    * Copy Project - duplicate an existing project with all its variables and steps
    * Variable usability improvements – improved discoverability of web application deployment variables
    * Initial creation of website is now done automatically
    * Raven DB upgrade – Deployment Manager now uses Raven DB version 2, which includes improved security
    * SQL Server database deployment bug fixes
    * Bug fixes
The new release of Deployment Manager is up on the Red Gate website. Existing users can update to this version by selecting the Updates option in the Settings area of their Deployment Manager Web Interface.

We want to hear from you
When you've tried Deployment Manager v1.1.10 we'd love to hear what you think:
    * If you have any issues, please post them on our support forum or contact our support team at
    * If you have any suggestions for new features, enhancements, or things you would like to see, then please vote or comment on our Suggestion Forum.
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