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Postby Marianne » Fri May 10, 2013 9:37 am

The latest version for SQL Backup is The latest version of the server components is This is a patch release to fix the following problems:
-SB-5468 - Including WITH COPYTO_HOSTED, VERIFY and COPYTO = '<network location>' in a BACKUP command causes backup files to be uploaded to a hosted storage account twice.
- SB-5459 - If WITH VERIFY is included in a BACKUP command, the outcome of copying a backup to a network share is not reported in the Activity History or Backup Properties.

To upgrade to the latest version, use Check for Updates (available from the Help menu) or download a trial from the SQL Backup Pro page and use your serial number to activate.

Once you have upgraded the GUI, you will need to upgrade the SQL Backup server components:
- Right-click the SQL Server instance in the Registered SQL Servers pane and select Install or Upgrade Server Components, then follow the instructions.
- Run SQBServerSetup.exe on the server. By default, this is located in %ProgramFiles%\\Red Gate\\SQL Backup 7 or %ProgramFiles(x86)%\\Red Gate\\SQL Backup 7 on 64-bit servers.
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