MS IE 10 Not showing any data!

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MS IE 10 Not showing any data!

Postby henkmeulekamp » Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:23 pm

Windows 8, IE 10 Is opening the monitor website just fine, but after that does not show any data or fault message.

Is this a known issue?

Chrome was not working correctly (slowness on the alert inbox page), now IE10 is hosted.. Leaves just Firefox as a browser.
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Postby priyasinha » Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:34 pm


This is a known issue (ref: SRP-6981). We will be fixing this very soon.

The workaround for now is to use another browser or put IE10 into compatibility mode. To do this, in IE10 hit F12 and then Alt+9 (to change 'Document Mode: Standards' to 'Document Mode: IE9 standards').

Hope this helps.

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Postby Chris Spencer » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:08 am

We have released an update that fixes the issues with IE10.

Version can be downloaded from here: ... r/download

(use the existing customer link on the right hand side of the page)

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