Problem with ForceBinaryCollation option

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Problem with ForceBinaryCollation option

Postby mmchenry » Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:39 pm

Sorry - just realized I posted this in the schema compare forum instead of the data compare. I'll repost it in the correct forum.

I'm having a problem using the ForceBinaryCollation option on the command line. I first had the problem in 9.0, but I upgraded to the latest v10.2.3.5 and the problem still exists.

I'm using a scripts folder source and a SQL2008 DB as the target. I want the data comparison to be case sensitive, so I've specified the ForceBinaryCollation option on the command line. When the ForceBinaryCollation option is used the comparison does not notice a new record in one of the tables that exists only in the source. It thinks the source and target are identical. If I remove the ForceBinaryCollation option, it sees the new record and syncs it to the target correctly.

Here's a sample of the command line I'm using:
sqldatacompare.exe /Scripts1:MyScriptsFolder /Server2:MyServer /Database2:MyDatabase /ScriptFile:MyScriptFile.sql /Force /Synchronize /Options:ForceBinaryCollation /Export:MyExportFolder

If I do the same comparison via the GUI, it always sees the new record in the source, regardless of whether I check the Force Binary Collation check box or not, which is what I would expect. I'm not sure why the command line is different.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
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