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Command line output explanation

Postby paule123 » Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:25 pm

I'm using SQL Data Compare to do a command line sync using a project set up in the GUI. I call the project like so:

"c:\\program files\\red gate\\sql data compare 8\\sqldatacompare.exe" /project:"C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\SQL Data Compare\\SharedProjects\\my-database-sync-project.sdc"

I couldn't find documentation on what exactly the "<<" "<>" ">>" indicators mean under the "DB1" and "DB2" headings in the output.

When DB1 is >> and DB2 is blank, I assume new records were pushed from DB1 to DB2. Fine.

However when I see DB1 <> and DB2 <> on the same line for the same table, I'm confused about what's going on.

Of most concern is seeing DB1 blank, and DB2 << which seems to indicate DB2 pushed changes back to DB1. I definitely don't want this to happen given that the project was set up in the GUI to go in one direction, from DB1 to DB2. I hope the command line version is not actually syncing some data the opposite way from DB2 to DB1?
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Postby stanori » Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:54 pm

Hi paule123,

Here is what the output of the command line means:

When comparing DB1 with DB2:

== == Identical objects

<> <> Different objects

<< Objects that exist in DB2 that don't exist in DB1

>> Objects that exist in DB1 that don't exist in DB2

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