Deployment Wizard - final output to temp folder is deleted

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Deployment Wizard - final output to temp folder is deleted

Postby rick.sheeley » Thu May 03, 2012 5:56 pm

OK, a minor issue here but a painful for me today. :oops:

Not a bug per say, but something you should probably change...

In the Deployment Wizard step of the SQLCompare, the sync scripts are beautifully generated and then loaded in to an SSMS query window, where you can view the script, modify, etc., and even do a SAVEAS for the file.

The problem? Groggy minded DBA's such as myself who assume the files are being save to the projects folder or to a folder that doesn't delete all it's files.....

Here's the sequence:

1. RedGate creates a folder Red Gate under C:\\Documents and Settings\\{myusername}\\Local Settings\\Temp\\10\\ when the compare is run between the DB's.
2.It also, unfortunately, writes the output SQL from the wizard here as well with a randomly generated name (SAMPLE: SQL Compare43f954e2-31cd-42f3-82a2-e31361513910.sql).
3. It then dutifully opens this file in SSMS.
4, Groggy DBA does a SAVEAS to a different name (MY_Compare_Tuesday.SQL) and it save the .sql file under the new name but in the Red Gate Folder above.
5. Exit SQL Compare, SSMS, etc.
6. Logoff or shutdown your PC, Server, RDP session, etc.
7. Login the next morning to test the scripts.
8. Horror strikes as the scripts and the whole folder has been deleted, including your renamed .SQL file. :shock:

Agreed, this is basically a procedural error. But if the SQLCompare user doesn't know this up front, it may mean losing an important script.

Is there a way change or set the Save path for the scripts? Perhaps this should be a mandatory option, or it should be set to the user's SSMS project path for safety?

Still, I love this product!!! Looking forward to your words of wisdom...

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