Error decompile LINQ syntax...

Error decompile LINQ syntax...

Postby lopin123 » Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:16 am

I used version ...but why this code cannot resolve by refelector..Pls help me...

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private FileStorageFolder GetCapsuleContentFolder(FileStorageDataContext db)
    IQueryable<FileStorageFolder> source = from dbFolder in db.FileStorageFolders
        where (dbFolder.ParentID == null) && (dbFolder.Purpose == reportFolderPurpose)
        select dbFolder into dbFolder
        join dbSubFolder in db.FileStorageFolders on dbFolder.ID equals dbSubFolder.ParentID into dbSubFolder
        where (dbSubFolder.Purpose == capsulelayoutFolderPurpose) && (dbSubFolder.FolderName == capsuleReportContent)
        select dbSubFolder;
    Instrument.Assert(source.Count<FileStorageFolder>() == 1);
    return source.Single<FileStorageFolder>();


error on second "where" syntax...("Ambigous Invocation")
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