Specifying data compare options during SSC2 data sync

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Specifying data compare options during SSC2 data sync

Postby aolcot » Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:04 pm

Is there anyway to be able to specify how the data compare engine synchronises a database from SQL source control similar to running the SQL data compare from the command line whilst specifying options on how the compare/sync occurs?

I have another post regarding disabling triggers during a sync from source control to my local instance, which is quite easy to do from SQL data compare command line, but seemingly not possible within SQL source control.

However this issue i have now relates to foreign keys being dropped and then recreated with the NOCHECK during a data sync. This has the net effect of SSC thinking I have changes to commit back to source control immediately after i sync because during the data sync process it firstly loses the extended properties defined against the foreign key, and the foreign key is different now because of the NOCHECK setting.

Again, i know that this issue is easily solved with SQL data compare using the options at the command line. I'm guessing that SSC uses the SQL data compare engine during the sync process, so is there anyway that i can specify the options for the data compare engine during the sync that SSC performs? Although I'll probably still lose the extended properties in some circumstances, but i could live without extended properties on FK's for now.

I really don't want to have to unlink all the data from SSC and then muddle up a two part process of using SQL source control for the schema only, and then shelling out to SQL data compare to sync the data correctly from source control.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.
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Postby james.billings » Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:09 pm

Thanks for your post- I've made the source control team know and the've found the feedback useful.
Currently we don't have a way to expose the options from Compare and Data Compare. It is something that's being asked for occasionally though, as there are various scenarios where the default options cause problems.

Unfortunately I don't have a workaround to offer you at this time but any further thoughts you have will be appreciated, I'm sure.
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