Why delete my existing install?

Why delete my existing install?

Postby PostMoved » Mon May 16, 2011 12:16 pm

I have multiple versions of reflector that I've tried to reinstall because I put a new hard drive in my system. Everytime I try to install reflector, red gate now deletes the executable. This is very, very disturbing. Your company is now removing stuff from my machine without prompting or warning. Very much like a VIRUS! If this is how red-gate is going to treat users of software that they now control I will no longer use red gate products. I used to swear by some of the red-gate tools, however now that I can no longer install software that I use to once be able to I have lost a tremendous amount of respect and faith in red gate products and the company practices. If I wanted to install software that deletes stuff from my machine and disables my pre-redgate controlled software I would download known viruses to do that for me. Say goodbye to some market share. I will certainly not recommend using the red-gate controlled reflector any longer. I guess i will just have to write my own or find an alternative. Thanks for alienating the devleoper community!!!
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Postby Bart Read » Mon May 16, 2011 2:43 pm

The auto-delete has been in there since 2006, long before we acquired it, and we actually removed it early last year because it was causing problems, not to say a great deal of annoyance.

As I suggested in my reply to your other post, please give the update another try - I believe it should work from 5.x now.


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