Where can I download the free 6.8 version of .NET Reflector?

Where can I download the free 6.8 version of .NET Reflector?

Postby Greg.Tillman » Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:41 pm

This version of Reflector will only be available to current users via the check for updates mechanism in existing copies of Reflector. It will be available from early May and no separate download will be available.

We are offering users that already have a current installation of .NET Reflector (that has previously expired and required an upgrade on a 6 monthly cycle) the chance to upgrade to a final version without the expiry mechanism. We have made this decision because we understand the sentiment that Red Gate are physically reaching into peoples machine to deactivate Reflector. Of course this isn’t true but we understand why it feels this way to some people and this is not something we are comfortable with.

Version 6.8 is only available for current users that already have an installation of .NET Reflector. On February 2nd 2011 we announced that we would no longer be offering a free version of .NET Reflector for download. We are not planning to reverse this part of our decision.

I have a current copy of .NET Reflector installed: how do I upgrade to version 6.8?

For the vast majority of people (using Reflector 6.6) the upgrade procedure will go as follows:

• On April 30, Reflector version 6.6 will warn of an upcoming expiry. Users should ignore the warning that this will be the last free version of Reflector.
• The auto update mechanism in any version of Reflector 6 can be used to automatically download V6.8 until the end of August. This does not require a visit to the Red Gate website.

If you have any other version of Reflector and it asks you to update then just click 'Yes'. This may upgrade you to an interim version (6.7), after which you can update to version 6.8 when it is released in early May.

What if my version of Reflector has deleted itself?

This means you have not used that particular copy of .NET Reflector for at least 11 months. Up until we removed it in early 2010 .Net Reflector contained a piece of legacy code that meant it would delete itself 12 months after the build date. Up until now all versions of .NET Reflector have always expired on a 6 monthly cycle and this was always hard coded into the tool. Users were given 30 days warning of the expiry and offered the chance to upgrade throughout those 30 days. During the 30 day warning period clicking ‘Yes’ would automatically download the latest version, clicking ‘No’ would let the user carry on using the existing version. After the expiry date the same warning message would appear if a user tried to open that copy of .NET Reflector. After the expiry date clicking ‘Yes’ would automatically download the latest version, clicking ‘No’ would close the program. 12 months after the build date the same warning message would appear if a user tried to open that copy of .NET Reflector. 12 months after the build date clicking ‘Yes’ would download the latest version, clicking ‘No’ would cause Reflector to delete itself.

We were glad to remove the self delete mechanism from Reflector in early 2010 and we are really happy to see the back of the whole expiry mechanism now.

We won’t be providing a download link for people that have not used Reflector for around a year or more. That said the delete mechanism does not delete the original Reflector.zip file so you can just unzip and run Reflector.exe again. All you need to do is click ‘Yes’ to be upgraded to the latest version.

What if I have downloaded a trial of version 7?

First of all thanks for trying version 7 and this will not affect your ability to get version 6.8. Version 7 installs alongside version 6 so just find your version 6 copy and follow the procedures outlined above.

I hope this post clears up any confusion surrounding version 6.8. If you have any other reason to request a version 6 download link please let us know by filling in the following survey monkey form: https://www.surveymk.com/s/Q57G3NP

Please note that we will delete any posts in this forum that link to older versions of .NET Reflector.
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