Reflector v6 with no expiry date for existing users - but...

Reflector v6 with no expiry date for existing users - but...

Postby AvonWyss » Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:45 pm

...only 5 activations?
A serial key that will activate the free V6.8 license on as many as five machines will be sent via email to the user. There will be no other commercial use of email addresses, but the free version will contain news and promotion about the newest paid versions of .NET Reflector

So if I have more than 5 installs (and nowadays with virtual machines I'm likely not alone with this) I am still being robbed of my mutually agreed on licenses between RedGate and me to use the V6 software for all machines that exceed the 5 granted activations.

Way to go. Instead of wasting time on adding activation mechanisms to a legacy version, you really should focus on innovation on the new version - which would likely motivate people to actually buy the new version instead of feeling cheated. If the new version is worth its money - why are you so afraid of having an unlimited amount of old free versions floating around in the wild?
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