Reflector v6 with no expiry date for existing users

Reflector v6 with no expiry date for existing users

Postby amirmc » Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:18 pm

Based on a large amount of community feedback and the success of version 7, we’re releasing a version of .NET Reflector 6 with no expiry date for existing users. This will be a stripped down version without any of the bug fixes or new features in version 7 and it will not be supported going forward.

This version of Reflector will only be available to current users via the check for updates mechanism in existing copies of Reflector. It will be available from early May and no separate download will be available.

For most people (using Reflector 6.6) the upgrade procedure will go as follows:
    • On April 30, Reflector version 6.6 will warn of an upcoming expiry. Users should ignore the warning that this will be the last free version of Reflector.
    • The auto update mechanism in any version of Reflector 6 can be used to automatically download V6.8 until the end of August. This does not require a visit to the Red Gate website.

If you have any other version of Reflector and it asks you to update then just click 'Yes'. This may upgrade you to an interim version, after which you can update to the final version in May.

A note for customers of Version 7
Given this announcement, we want to assure all version 7 customers that we’re fully committed to the future versions of .NET Reflector. As a version 7 customer you should have heard from us regarding our release plans. Specifically, that you can expect to see .NET Reflector 7.1 released in early May followed closely by version 7.2 about a month later. With shorter release cycles, we aim to deliver new features and long-term bug fixes as quickly as possible. In appreciation of your early support we’ll also be upgrading all current version 7 customers to version 8, as soon as it’s released in early 2012.

Please do join the conversation on the .NET Reflector Forum and post your ideas or feature requests; we’d love to hear from you. We hope you are already enjoying all the great new features in version 7 and we look forward to delivering you even more over the next few months.

We’d also like to remind our paid customers that, within a reasonable timeframe, they’re entitled to a refund if they’re unsatisfied for any reason. Please contact us at with your serial key.
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