poor business practice

poor business practice

Postby whatever » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:14 pm

Message from reflector on startup:
"Would you like to automatically update reflector?"

I'm in a hurry and just need to check something real quick, so no, I'll do it later. So I answer 'No'.

Message from reflector:
"Deleting reflector"

W.T.F. :shock: Are you serious? No mention that if I don't update, then I get nothing to work with. That is absolutely ridiculous.

I'm with many others that think if you decided you needed to charge, you should have kept free version and offered a pay version with professional bells and whistles.

Anyway, this encouraged me to do a little googling for alternatives and I'm glad I did. Thanks a lot for hijacking this great product. Good luck and bye.
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