Unexpected & unprofessional

Unexpected & unprofessional

Postby sukhani » Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:54 am

Hello Red Gate Employees/Management,

I am a user of .Net reflector 6 and was proud to say that red gate is providing a free tool which aids developers. But when I came to know that you guys are no longer continuing with the free version I was disappointed. But when my existing version which was free stopped working, I was truly shocked. Though I have seen only a few free software later converted to paid ones, but I never came across a product which was free, was working and now refuses to work.

Personally I think its a blunder and after going through the feedback people have posted, I think they also think the same. It gives the impression of a money hungry & greedy company who wants to snatch every dime from people who have used their product or know about it. In most cases I find the prices of your products on the higher side but thats okay as its your product and its your wish what price you guys set.

Though you may have a legitimate reason to release the next version as paid but how could you stop people from using the older version. Not only that, the price of the paid version is also too high. A price of $10 or lower may have saved you some grace but you guys are charging way too high.

I don't know if you will ever benefit from this but I have switched to ILSpy decompiler which is a good tool and available for free.

It's sad to see this happen. :shock: :shock:

Yours truly,
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