more disgruntled users

more disgruntled users

Postby thirkcircus » Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:39 pm

This is just a post to let you know:
    i have been a happy (paying) customer of red-gate for some time now - sql tools, .net tools.
    i have told many other developers of your products - happy to explain how good they are and how awesome red-gate is.
    i won't be doing that any more. IMO you have managed to destroy your company reputation such that purely on principle i won't be recommending you to anyone anymore.
    your decision re reflector is extremely poor on several levels. the actual decision re timebombing v6, the communication around this (weasel words re the commitment you originally publicly made), and the obvious lack of integrity from whoever is making these decisions.
    i've actually registered for the forums just so i can tell you how bad this decision is. think of how many other (newly) disgruntled users there are who won't actually bother to do so and tell you what they think. just because someone doesn't explicitly go onto your forum and tell you it's a bad decision doesn't mean you haven't lost credibility with them.
    red-gate has built up a really good reputation in the past. good products, nicely executed, good feeling about the company. in one bad decision you've managed to pretty much destroy the good feeling about the company.
    yes, i'm likely to pay for v7. but under duress.
    just think longterm how much damage you've done to your company reputation. your marketing/communications people must be having kittens - this surely can't have been cleared with them before going public.

    overall feedback: very unhappy with red-gate. you won't be able to totally undo the damage to your reputation but the least you could do is honour your word and remove the timebomb from v6.
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