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Postby Exx35 » Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:22 am

I personally am glad to see this kind of thing and am more upset at their need to feel as though they should apologize. That home page was not what I was expecting when I came here to investigate the tool. As an engineer Im sort of resentful at all this feeling and sentiment that what I do for a living should be done for free. I have a family to support, it took me well over a decade to become competent at it, it is certainly a highly beneficial and in demand skill and worth every penny I make. As a matter of fact with the numbers and research showing what an awful failure most software projects end up being, and due to project management incompetence leading to hiring incompetence, I'd say my ability and competence that I dedicated a lot of my life to is that much more valuable. And as an engineer, developer, architect, shoot even as a network administrator or help desk technician I do not see why you all wouldn't feel the same. I do, however, want and like to hear the other side, always do, but what someone said about getting sr management to make the investment is a point. How about letting sr management see the cost in extra time a task takes without the tool, or letting them pay it and hold them responsible not Red-Gate or anyone else selling a product that costs time and money to produce just like every other product in the world?
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