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Postby doozly » Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:53 am

As suggested in the SA forum, reposting here.

I know Windows Phone Silverlight is still in beta, but I have the following issue tying to use SA with it.

First I created a brand new Windows Phone Class Library with no classes. Then created a brand new SA project without changing any settings, and everything works correctly.

I then add a class as follows:

Code: Select all
    public class Class1
        static void Test()

Using the same SA project I now get the error:

SmartAssembly has encountered an invalid token in:

I guess that this is due to the oddity with the way Silverlight locates its side-by-side assemblies, this was using SA 5.2 (build 92)

Also in another Windows Phone project the Control Flow Obfuscation does not work on Strongest but does with Strictly Valid, I havent been unable to narrow it down any further.

These are not issues that need resolving immediately but thought you should be made aware.


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