.NET Reflector and .NET Reflector Pro 6.5 have been released

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.NET Reflector and .NET Reflector Pro 6.5 have been released

Postby melvyn.harbour » Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:06 am

.NET Reflector 6.5 and .NET Reflector Pro 6.5 have been released. You can download them from:


.NET Reflector is a class browser and disassembler for .NET assemblies. .NET Reflector Pro is a Visual Studio debugging extension that allows you to step through third party and framework assemblies, as if they were built from your own source code.

.NET Reflector

This release fixes a number of bugs in version 6.1. It also adds support for some of the new language features in .NET 4:

    * The dynamic type in C# 4
    * Co- and Contra- variance markers in interfaces and delegates
    * The new expansion of the lock() { } statement
    * Optional parameters

.NET Reflector Pro

In response to customer feedback, this release changes the installation method for the .NET Reflector Visual Studio add-in so that the add-in is no longer installed automatically. This version also includes the bug fixes and support for new features in .NET Reflector version 6.5.

For more details about the products please visit:


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