Disabling "Get Latest"

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Disabling "Get Latest"

Postby kevinh » Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:48 pm

Is there any way in which to disable the "Get Latest" button. We would like to disable it as we have a set process for deploying scripts to each shared database environment and we don't want anyone either intentionally or accidentally updating these DB's via this method. We love the product overall and the ability to see the differences between TFS and the DB within the "Get Latest" tab but perhaps something as simple as a configuration setting or possibly an Easter egg that would disable the "Get Latest" button entirely would be very beneficial to our situation. If not, is there any plan to add this in the near future? Thank you.
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Postby David Atkinson » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:51 pm

If your development databases are shared, you should in theory never see any changes listed in the Get Latest tab as everything in the shared development database will be the latest by definition.

Maybe I misunderstand how your environmentis set up?

There's no way of disabling this in the product. Maybe there's a way of configuring permissions in source control so a 'get' is forbidden? If you have an environment where developers can view the contents of source control, and they have write permissions on the database, it will always be possible for them to apply the source control changes to the database, regardless of whether you hide the Get Latest tab.

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