Recommendation: When deploying PST Agents, use a CNAME

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Recommendation: When deploying PST Agents, use a CNAME

Postby Robert » Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:42 pm

When you deploy the PST Agents to your computers, you will need to supply the hostname of the PST Central Service.

We recommend that you create a DNS CNAME (or "Alias") record and use this rather than the absolute hostname of the server running the Central Service. If you later choose to move the Central Service to a different server, you can change the CNAME record to point to the new server.

If you do not use a CNAME, you will need to uninstall and redeploy all PST Agents.

For more information on creating a CNAME record using the Microsoft Windows DNS Server, see Add an Alias (CNAME) Resource Record to a Zone on MSDN.
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