ANTS Performance Profiler 5.2 has now been released

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ANTS Performance Profiler 5.2 has now been released

Postby Matt.Lee » Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:21 pm

ANTS Performance Profiler 5.2 has now been released. You can get it from:

ANTS Performance Profiler 5.2 is a bug fix release for ANTS Performance Profiler 5.x. Enhancements and fixes include:
  • Profiling of IIS child processes now works, which enables easier Sharepoint profiling
  • Fixed StackOverflowException when profiling Sharepoint
  • Thread affinity no longer depends upon whether or not inlining is enabled
  • Fixed performance issue with locating PDB files for source code view
  • Fixed problem with logging configuration which caused some levels to be ignored
  • No longer checks for updates on every start-up

This is a recommended upgrade for all users of ANTS Performance Profiler 5.x, particularly those working with Sharepoint.

For more details about the product please visit:
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