Source Control for Oracle v2.0.2.404 released

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Source Control for Oracle v2.0.2.404 released

Postby richardjm » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:55 am

My second big release of the Deployment Suite for Oracle is now available via check for updates. The full release notes for Source Control for Oracle are below.

  • Projects are now listed in alphabetical order
  • When typing in the filter box, filtering is delayed until typing stops
  • Tooltips are displayed on hover for project names
  • Partitions and lobs can no longer be locked in the Lock objects tab
  • Schema Compare engine
Schema Compare Engine
  • Rename column detection
  • Scripts folder population is approximately 25% faster
  • Improved nested table support
  • Materialized view definitions are no longer always in brackets
  • Materialized view comment support - default comment excluded
  • Skip GRDMLTR_* (auto-generated) triggers for SDO_GeoRaster columns
  • Copy NOVALIDATE for constraints if specified
  • Removal of some unused schema population
  • Improved logging of population speed
  • Joined indexes depend on all joined tables
  • Script parsing errors:
    • Interval literal support for materialized views e.g. "NEXT trunc(sysdate,'HH') + interval'1'"
    • Fixed view parsing to cope with "cast(trunc(systimestamp, 'DD') as timestamp)"
    • Parsing of materialized view starting with newline would fail
    • Allow U'' style string literals
    • Tables with external data failed if column names ended in "location"
Release notes history
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