Obfuscate Dlls behind a facade

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Obfuscate Dlls behind a facade

Postby rob.swdev » Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:01 pm

I have a collection of dlls with many public methods. However, my application only needs a very small subset of them.
I'd like to create a facade dll that simply passes through calls to the handful of methods I need.

Can I do this and then easily obfuscate/merge/trim everything behind the "facade"?
I want all methods in the original collection of dlls to be obfuscated, or even removed if they are not required indirectly by the facade dll.
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Postby jessica.ramos » Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:58 pm

Hi Rob,

Thanks for you post!

In theory, you could make a sort of master/facade dll that has all theroriginal dlls merged so that all their members become internal and can be obfuscated/pruned.

Just a few things to be aware of:

- The application could break if the original members need to be called on via reflection by their fully qualified names since merging would change these
- You'll want to make sure that you wouldn't run into a complex merging situation where a merged assembly needs to be accessed by a non-merged assembly - http://documentation.red-gate.com/pages ... d=17696057
- We recommend against merging third-party DLLs as it would alter the code of the DLL and may violate license rules or integrity checks

Hope this information helps!
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