missing column statistics

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missing column statistics

Postby stevenhoban » Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:00 pm

One of our servers seems to be burning extra cpu and when I have examined the default trace in profiler i see the following info:

NO STATS:([tempdb].[dbo].[##redgate_sqlmonitor_querywaitstats_server01.(local)CMSp01].[sql_handle], [tempdb].[dbo].[##redgate_sqlmonitor_querywaitstats_SERVER01(local)_CMS01].[statement_start_offset], [tempdb].[dbo].[##redgate_sqlmonitor_querywaitstats_SERVER01.(local)_CMS01].[statement_end_offset], [tempdb].[dbo].[##redgate_sqlmonitor_querywaitstats_SERVER01.(local)_CMS01].[wait_type])

Do i need to create statistics ? how shall i proceed ?
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