Visual Studio: "SQL Prompt cannot retrieve objects from ."

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Visual Studio: "SQL Prompt cannot retrieve objects from ."

Postby adam0101 » Wed May 28, 2014 4:50 pm

"sql prompt cannot retrieve objects from ."

This is the second time I got burned by this error. For some reason my Target Connection String got cleared in Visual Studio and started causing this error. Luckily, I looked at my previous posts here. For anyone else getting this, the solution can be found here: ... -sql-proje

If SQL Prompt depends on this setting in Visual Studio to work correctly, shouldn't it prompt for this if it is not set instead of giving an error? Or at the very least, can we get SQL Prompt to give an error message that is more descriptive instead of just passing back what it got from SQL? I had to spend too much time tracking this solution down again.

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Postby Aaron Law » Thu May 29, 2014 10:47 am

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the post - I'll make this a sticky just in case anyone else encounters this issue and we'll look into making the error more descriptive.

Ideally Prompt wouldn't need this connection string at all, but at the moment it needs an actual database to retrieve all the objects from. A better approach would be if it loaded suggestions directly from the sql files in the project. As this would be a pretty large change to implement I've added a UserVoice feature to help us gauge interest against other potential features in Prompt.

Please add your vote here.

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