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Good practice.

Postby skycaptain » Mon May 12, 2014 5:25 pm

In the team we are using TeamCity as our Continuous Build System (and manual deploy). We are currently thinking to start using RedGate Deployment manager.
Our deployment usually consists of a few steps (stop services, upgrade, restart services). We have put together some powershell scripts to generate the .nuSpec, .nupkg. I was just wondering if there is a better/ different way of doing that.
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Postby chirayu » Tue May 13, 2014 2:01 pm

What type of application are you looking to deploy with Deployment Manager (DM)?

If you are looking for different ways to generate a NuGet package:
- You can use NuGet command line tool to generate the package. But as far as I am aware you would need to have a nuspec file to call the command with it.
- You can use RgPublish which is a free command line tool that comes with DM. With this command line tool, creating a nuspec file is optional. Metadata like version, id etc are supplied as command line arguments when calling the command so a nuspec file is not needed. To get RgPublish.exe, head to DM UI, click on Tools tab at the top.
- DM also has a Visual Studio extension and an SSMS Add-in. You can get these extensions from the Tools tab too. After installing these, you can right click your database/web project and publish a NuGet package directly to DM. This is not a suitable option if you are looking to automate the deployments.

If you are also looking to automate deploying to a test environment from TeamCity you can call Deployment Manager command line via a TeamCity build step. The aforementioned Tools tab also contains DeploymentManager.exe- the command line tool that automates Deployment Manager.

Hope this helps!
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