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Standard vs Pro

Postby icelava » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:04 pm ... ceprofiler

I don't think I got a clear understanding from the description pages - if i wish to profile the performance of the app/service as a whole, including all .NET BCL and Microsoft assemblies (no need to view source code) - do I need to use Standard or Professional edition?
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Postby jessica.ramos » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:29 pm

Hi there,

Yes, you would need the professional edition to see all BCL and Microsoft assembly calls -- the "all methods inc. framework" profiling modes are not offered in the Standard edition, I'm afraid.

(The standard vs. pro edition comparison here is a bit more detailed - ... comparison )

Also, I'm not sure if you're doing this already but to profile both the client app and web service code, you can open two instances of the profiler to profile both simultaneously.

Hope this information helps!
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Postby icelava » Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:43 pm

We're not worried about client side, just server side applications. Thanks.
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