ANTS Memory Profiler 8.1 released

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ANTS Memory Profiler 8.1 released

Postby dom.smith » Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:34 am

We're pleased to announce the release of ANTS Memory Profiler 8.1.

In previous versions of ANTS Memory Profiler, the program would sometimes crash when the snapshot size reached 4GB. Although this size limit still exists, ANTS Memory Profiler will now automatically discard object values if the snapshot sizes reaches 4GB, meaning that the 4GB is used more efficiently. The references between objects are still saved, it's only the object values that are removed from the Instance list and Instance retention graph. If the snapshot continues to grow even without object values, the snapshot fails gracefully instead of crashing.

You can also choose to discard object values for a snapshot of any size. This makes taking snapshots significantly quicker.

We've also extended crash reporting into the unmanaged core of the profiler, helping us to fix crashes that occur in the core.

This is a recommended update for all users of ANTS Memory Profiler 8.0. You'll be prompted to download the update next time you run ANTS Memory Profiler.
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