RGPublish ignores empty folders in precompiled ASP.NET sites

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RGPublish ignores empty folders in precompiled ASP.NET sites

Postby jakenuts » Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:13 pm

I'm trying to use RGPublish to deploy an ASP.NET site that is pre-compiled. Because some folders contain controls that are compiled to code alone the folders they occupied are empty and when I pass the site to RGPublish it doesn't seem to include them in the package. This causes an error when some routing & other code try to access the folder and see that it isn't there. Is there any way to preserve empty folders when publishing?


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Postby Emma A » Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:54 pm

Hi James,

When RgPublish is run against a .csproj file it does not package the entire directory contents of your project it packages the output of building the solution.

So you could address the issue you are having in one of two ways:-
  • You could include a file in the folders and mark it as content and then the folders will be included when you run the RgPublish command on your project (csproj file)
  • You could run RgPublish against the output folder for your build (e.g. source), because RgPublish lets you package the entire contents of a folder and so these folders would be there. This will include all files that are within this directory. If you need to exclude some of these files you would need to create a nuspec file.

Hope this helps.
Emma A
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