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Postby sf » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:02 pm

Hi James,

I spent some time evaluating your latest release (8.2).

While it doesn't crash anymore with our code and all latest .Net updates, we are unfortunately not going to upgrade from 4/5 to 8.2.

The reason is that is it incredibly slow to operate: while the performance decrease of the application under test seems to be slightly better than with 4/5, the 8.2 release is almost unusable: it takes ages to expand one line, or even to get the first method tree after a range has been selected.

And overall the Method Tree UI seems to be so "asynchronous" that its hard to understand what's happening: for instance: I select a range and wait for the tree to display.
Then I select another range: I can see that something is happening since CPU usage goes up, but there is no visual feedback on the tree. So I am confused about which range this current tree corresponds to. After some time, the tree is suddenly refreshed. Needless to say that if I am not patient enough and select another range before refreshing, or try to expand a line, or select another thread, things get worse and worse.

Our computers are not super fast, ok, but we never had these kind of issues with 4 or 5: the UI is responsive and the time for getting the whole tree after selecting a range is reasonable.

I have to say I am disappointed by this: I was expecting some great improvements when comparing 8 to 4, but it's not the case: the usability is so bad that I don't want to spend more time exploring potentially new great features.

I am sorry for this bad comment. But we are not going to upgrade our versions as long as global performances of the UI are not improved.

This means that in order to solve the crash issue, I spent some time rewriting all code parts that are crashing version 4/5, based on your May 16 comment, so thanks a lot for providing these insight.

Again, sorry for this bad comment. We all love ANTS Profiler concept and reliability but I don't know what happened in between version 5 and 8 to render it unusable on our machines... Hopefully you are aware of this issue and will fix it at some points.

Best regards.
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Postby james.billings » Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:40 am

Hi, and sorry you're seeing performance issues.

This shouldn't have got obviously slower since version 4. The call-tree can be a little slow due to the nature of the 3rd party control it uses but this hasn't changed since v4. Are you comparing performance like-for-like in relation to the profiling mode? If you're using line-level in v8 and method level or sampling in v4, then it may explain it.
If you can also indicate the vague specs of the machine so we can get some sort of comparison of the time taken to select a section of timeline and get the update between the two versions it would be great.
Feel free to email support@red-gate.com if you'd rather!
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