Schema Compare - bug report

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Schema Compare - bug report

Postby steve B » Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:30 pm

Bug report:

1. Create comments on the columns of a VIEW in the database (Oracle XE
2. Use schema compare v3.0.0.689 to generate scripts - runs OK
3. Use schema compare v3.0.0.689 to re-create objects in database schema from scripts - FAILS

The Schema Compare run in step 3 fails when running deployment script with "Error: ORA-00911: invalid character"

Removing the "comment on column view.column is '...'" commands from the "create view" script seems to fix the problem - so assume that these comments are the cause of the problem.

Could someone please confirm whether
(1) This is a bug?


(2) When we can expect a new version of Schema Compare that fixes this (and the 2 previously reported bugs)?
steve B
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Postby neil.anderson » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:02 am

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch. This could be a bug but as ever, it depends. Can you post here or send to the SQL the Schema Compare is outputting that causes this problem?

I think it could be either we're outputting invalid SQL or the target you are deploying to has a different character set than the source (assuming it is a different database).

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