Check disk space and abort deployment if insufficient

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Check disk space and abort deployment if insufficient

Postby james.billings » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:14 am

A simple script to check disk space, and fail the deployment if it's below a certain threshold. Add to PreDeploy.ps1

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#Disk Space predeployment check
#Create two variables in Deployment Manager:
# InstallationDriveToCheck = drive to check (with colon) eg. C:
# AbortIfDiskSpaceLessThanMB = amount of space which is needed to succeed, in MB eg. 1024 for 1GB
write-host "***Checking space on drive $InstallationDriveToCheck***"
write-host "Deployment will fail if less than $AbortIfDiskSpaceLessThanMB MB available"
$disk = gwmi win32_volume -Filter "driveletter='$InstallationDriveToCheck'"

[int64]$freespace = ($disk.Freespace) / 1024 / 1024 #convert to MB

if ($freespace -lt $AbortIfDiskSpaceLessThanMB)
    write-host "Drive $InstallationDriveToCheck has insufficient disk space! ($freespace MB)"
    exit -1
    write-host "Drive $InstallationDriveToCheck has $freespace MB  free, continuing..."
    exit 0
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