Update/Registration Failure behind corporate proxy

Update/Registration Failure behind corporate proxy

Postby gt2847c » Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:45 am

I've looked around the forums and the support/FAQ, but haven't seen anything current that applies, so I'll post a new one...

I'm using Reflector 8 and we use a cloud proxy service. Every time I attempt to have Reflector check for updates, it fails presumably due to authentication with the proxy service (Wireshark shows a 307 redirect to the auth page). I've gone into the proxy settings for Reflector, but it apparently pays no attention to this. I've turned proxy off, set an explicit proxy, but Wireshark shows that it always attempts to use the IE configured proxy settings. The only way I can get it to successfully check for updates (and activate the program) is to go outside the firewall on my hot spot, disable proxy settings in Internet Options, and then it will successfully check for updates, activate, etc. This a known issue? Is there a workaround (perhaps better workaround would be worded more accurately)?

Any help would be appreciated. Thought I'd start here first before opening a ticket as a bug.
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