Code checksum on debug

Code checksum on debug

Postby GeorgeR » Wed May 29, 2013 11:17 am

While trying to debug some unit tests:

Code: Select all
Locating source for 'c:\\Projects\\caliburnmicro\\src\\Caliburn.Micro.Silverlight\\ViewLocator.cs'. Checksum: MD5 {16 8b dd 1a 86 4f c5 17 98 49 fa 24 ac b0 ad 6e}
Determining whether the checksum matches for the following locations:
1: C:\\Users\\george\\AppData\\Local\\Red Gate\\.NET Reflector 8\\Cache\\0\\Caliburn.Micro.pdb.source\\Caliburn\\Micro\\ViewLocator.cs Checksum: MD5 {7f ba 7a 61 50 b6 f2 91 2e 4c be 29 61 7a de ca} Checksum doesn't match.

I tried clearing the .NET Reflector cache via the menu, but the same error is occurring. Am I missing something obvious? Can I force it to not give a hoot about checksum equality?
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