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Smartassembly performance

Postby noxe » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:38 am


until today we used smartassembly build 4.2.5, on the build server running an SA project took not very long:

[09:02:43]: {smartassembly} v4.2.5[09:02:43]: Copyright (c) Red Gate Software Ltd 2005-2009[09:02:44]: Loading project C:\\Program Files\\TeamCity\\CheckOut\\VenDoc\\VenDoc.Resources\\vendoc.administration.{sa}proj[09:02:44]: Input=C:\\Program Files\\TeamCity\\CheckOut\\VenDoc\\VenDoc.Win.Bin\\Release\\VenDoc.Administration.exe[09:02:44]: Output=c:\\vendoc_release\\VenDoc.Administration.exe[09:02:50]: Analyzing...[09:02:54]: Preparing...[09:02:54]: Creating Assembly...[09:02:54]: The associated Map was marked as Released.[09:02:54]: OK

about 10-15 seconds, since we have 4 project it took us aprox. 1 minute to generate all.

Today i updated to the latest SA release, and now all 4 builds take very long, see the same build below:

[01:29:20]: SmartAssembly v6.6.1.44[01:29:20]: Copyright ¸ Red Gate Software 2005-2012[01:29:21]: Loading project C:\\Program Files\\TeamCity\\CheckOut\\VenDoc\\VenDoc.Resources\\vendoc.administration.{sa}proj[01:29:21]: Input=C:\\Program Files\\TeamCity\\CheckOut\\VenDoc\\VenDoc.Win.Bin\\Release\\VenDoc.Administration.exe[01:29:21]: Output=c:\\vendoc_release\\VenDoc.Administration.exe[01:29:21]: Loading...[01:29:58]: Starting...[01:29:58]: Analyzing...[01:30:37]: Preparing...[01:30:48]: Creating assembly...[01:30:49]: OK

It takes now 1:10 minutes to build a single project - where nothing was changed on the SA projects - the do the same as before?

Any info why?
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Postby Simon C » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:04 pm

The SmartAssembly engine was rewritten in version 6.5. The new engine has completely different performance characteristics to the old one; some customers to see dramatically increased performance, most see little change in performance, and for some the new engine takes longer to process assemblies than the old one.

Which it is depends entirely on the exact makup of the assemblies you're processing and what options you have enabled. Unfortunately, in your case, the new engine takes longer to process your assemblies than the old one.
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Postby noxe » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:44 am

is there anything i can do on my side? its still not really satisfying as i have 6 smartassembly Projects which take now nearly 6 minutes instead of 1 ??
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Postby noxe » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:54 am

this is the current Timing...

[00:34:26][Step 3/3] C:\\xxxxx>"C:\\" /build "xxxxxxx.{sa}proj" "/input=C:\\xxxxxxxx.exe" /output=c:\\xxxxxxx.exe
[00:34:27][Step 3/3] SmartAssembly v6.7.0.239
[00:34:27][Step 3/3] Copyright ¸ Red Gate Software 2005-2012
[00:34:29][Step 3/3] Loading project C:\\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.{sa}proj
[00:34:29][Step 3/3] Input=C:\\xxxxxxxxxxxx.exe
[00:34:29][Step 3/3] Output=c:\\xxxxx.exe
[00:34:29][Step 3/3] Loading...
[00:34:49][Step 3/3] Starting...
[00:34:49][Step 3/3] Analyzing...
[00:35:09][Step 3/3] Preparing...
[00:35:18][Step 3/3] Creating assembly...

[00:35:19][Step 3/3] O
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