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Profiling Multi Tier Application

Postby sanjumj » Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:28 pm

Hello There

I was evaluating this tool for profiling DotNet applications in my company. We have 2 tier, 3 tier, Web, SharePoint and Windows applications.

My requirement is that I need to identify the performance lags in an application, when the work flow move from Client > Web Server > DB.

I am not a Developer, but an Administrator who is not able to make out much about method calls, functions etc from a DotNet application. But, I need to have an idea about when the middle tier (web server) is called or when the DB server is called, so that I get to know how much time it takes in each tier to retrieve/ pass on data.

I have seen that in a 2 tier application, it shows me when it gets connected to the DB (in Database Calls tab), but in 3 or multi tier applications, this is not shown (probably there are other servers in between Client and DB). Is this a limitation ? Is there a work around ?

Though we have many applications, I need to predominantly profile 3 tier Windows applications, which uses WCF Services.

An early reply is much appreciated.

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