How to NOT get into disassembly when 'go to definition'?

How to NOT get into disassembly when 'go to definition'?

Postby samid » Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:15 pm


I have .NET Reflector 7 VSPro installed (as part of the development bundle). Now when I press F12 or select 'Go to definition' in Visual Stuidio's context menu on a member, I get to the code disassembled by Reflector. OTOH, if I select "Go to decompiled definition" (which sounds like it should do what F12 does instead) - nothing at all happens.

So I actually have two related questions:

- how can I revert to the Studio's old behavior when pressing F12, i.e. go to the property definition AND DESCRIPTION and not to the disassembled code?

- how can I fix the new (added by Reflector) context menu so that IT DOES go to the disassembled code (which is useful sometimes but not always as I often just want to see the help)?

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Postby Clive Tong » Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:21 am


Discussion about the newer versions of Reflector have moved to the new forums, and there's already a post on the subject there: ... ion-for-vs
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