SQL Monitor - can't connect

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SQL Monitor - can't connect

Postby blairtaylor » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:32 pm

We are evaluating SQL Monitor

We set it up on our test web server. We are able to connect to the test DB on the same subnet without issue.

We are not able to connect to any of the production servers. We have tried both an sql server account (sa) and a windows account (administrator on the prod db machine). Both should not have permissions issues.

There is no firewall between the SQLMonitor web server and the production db hosts. We are able to connect via SSMS from the web server to to the production db hosts.

How can we diagnose this further? We took a look at the logs but there does not seem to be any error details.
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Postby RBA » Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:57 pm


SQL Monitor will try to connect from the machine running the 'base service' (which can be different from the one running the web app).

From the the machine hosting the SQL Monitor base service, see if you can ping the fully qualified domain name of the production server. If it doesn't resolve, SQL Monitor won't be able to see it either. If it does work, then ensure that access to each of the production machine's TCP/UDP ports is possible (for reference: this article on firewalls enumerates the ports that SQL Monitor requires open).

If you can fully access the production machine from the base monitor's host and can confirm that SQL Monitor is still failing when using the fully qualified domain name, then I would suspect that the user account SQL Monitor is running as (e.g. LOCAL SERVICE) is connecting to the production machine using an anonymous connection. In this case, you can override the machine credentials from the UI. Note that SQL Monitor needs both access to the OS and SQL Server, and these credentials can be separately overridden.

What is the error message in the UI when you try to add the production server in Configuration > Monitored servers?

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