Cant understand RedGate

Cant understand RedGate

Postby theuserbl » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:59 pm

I can't understand RedGates step.

Before .NET Reflector was free of charge. It don't needed any update. And it was an advertisement for RedGate.

Then .net Reflector 6 self-deletes. Update to a non self-deleting version is free. But for the most people the old version have already self-deleted, so it no longer exists. Now .NET Reflector is an anti-advertisement for RedGate.

Later some people here in the forum told, that Version 7 is in contradiction to Version 6 slow and lazy. And there are only minor additions. People who have buyed Version 7 want Version 6 back.

Then there comes an OpenSource .NET Reflector reimplementation called ILSpy which is currently at version 1.0

Additional I read at a german newspage at that companies like JetBrains (with dotPeek) and Telerik (with JustDecompile) are working on .NET Reflectopr alternatives, too.

So there is really no longer any need to use .NET Reflector.

As I already sayd, as .NET Reflectr was free, it was an advertisement for RedGate and there existing no alternative.
Now, after RedGate self deleted the old version, it is an anti-advertisement for RedGate and there will be existing a lot of alternatives.

Before, RedGate was a normal company. After RedGate promised, that .NET Reflector will ever be free and then self-deleted it, RedGate is one of the worst companies, which renege on a promise.

And I can only warn everybody to RedGate: If the company renege on a promise one times, who believes that it don't do it a second one?

Or as I sayd in an other thread:
RedGate guaranteed, that .NET Reflector will ever be free. Then .net Reflector self-deletes.
Now RedGate says, that if you buy a .NET Reflector 7 license, it will never self-delete. Do you really believe still anything of RedGate?

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Postby Cracker » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:37 am

RedGate just made a lot of competitors :P .
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Postby hfrmobile » Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:03 pm

Thanks for the other alternatives. At the moment I am using dotPeek and Reflector 6.8 (FREE edition) without any problems ...

I also didn't understand the decision.

Why not editions like:
- FREE (v6 functionality)
- Basic
- Full

Ok, there are the following alternatives:
- dotPeek (JetBrains claims that it will keep FREE ;-) ...)
- ILSpy (
- JustDecompile (Telerik)
- ...?

I think this are enough alternatives. Maybe RedGate over-thinks its decision about Reflector. Hopefully Reflector 6.8 FREE continues working on my developer machines since it is slim and fast (compared to dotPeek)

--Harald-René Flasch (aka hfrmobile)

PS: I understand that RedGate needs to make money to pay their employes earnings but Management did a mistake doing it that way
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