Goodbye RedGate

Goodbye RedGate

Postby paganaye » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:27 pm

I have beem happily using redgate software in the last 10 years.
Over the years I purchased several licenses of your Ants .Net profiler, moving away from a competitor of yours. We also bought several licenses of SQL Compare and I was about to lobby to get SQL Source Control.

I won't.

You're taking a free forever product and coerce people into buying.
This was my favourite .NET toy and you remove it from me.

You're right when you say it is not much to ask for a bit of money for a product you love.
You have to realize not many programmer has any buying power.
You can't go see your boss and tell him you need a tool to disassemble microsoft libraries.
You can go see your boss and ask him for a SQL tool thought.

Your decision to revert half of it not really convincing.
The reality is that you aquired a product you did not write and are removing the free tool from the community.
Your damage control attempt is not working with me.

I am disappointed.
I am clearly upset about this decision.
I will make sure NOT to buy any of your products in the future.
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