Redgate Promise™

Redgate Promise™

Postby openSource » Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:08 am

Why has Red Gate decided to charge for .NET Reflector?

"Unfortunately, we could not make the free model work."

Really? Check this link: Open source alternatives to Reflector. For example, Sharpdevelop ILSpy is a pretty decent free replacement, being only at version 1.0.0. at this time.

Community will make it work, as it has been doing before you guys appeared.

Why didn't you make Reflector available as an open-source program?

This was one of the options we investigated, but it didn't make sense for us as a commercial company.

But it made "sense" when you first acquired it?

Aren't you breaking a promise you made when you purchased .NET Reflector?

This is a question you forgot to answer in your FAQ.

This might be fine for Red Gate, but what about the community?

Without Red Gate subsidizing ongoing development, Reflector could perish. [...] We also think we can expose a lot more people to Reflector, which will lead to much more widespread use and greater productivity for .NET developers.

I don't think any of the open source alternatives will perish. And you claim that charging for Reflector will lead to much more widespread use? LOL.

Are you going to come back a year from now and raise the price?

Yes, please give us your famous Redgate Promise™.
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Postby GreedyRedgate » Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:12 pm


RedGate is just cashing in. I'll never use any of their products again. I'll petition for my workplace to stop using RedGate products.
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