ANTS Memory Profiler 7 EAP Build 667 released

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ANTS Memory Profiler 7 EAP Build 667 released

Postby AndrewH » Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:39 pm

We're pleased to present the next Early Access Build of our forthcoming ANTS Memory Profiler 7, which you can download from here As usual, this build will expire after 14 days.

We are planning a number of new features for Memory Profiler 7, and this preview demonstrates a few of them:

New 'Categorized references' view in the Class Reference Explorer.
This view groups instances of the class according to their shortest path to a GC Root. It is therefore easier to find out at a glance what is holding your the most objects in memory. If you prefer to see the full picture, the old Class Reference Explorer is still available - just switch to the 'All references' view.

New 'Survivors in growing classes' filter.
Until now, finding a leak in objects that survived between snapshots was not easy. This new filter shows the classes which have more instances in the current snapshot than in the baseline snapshot, and then shows only the surviving objects from those classes.

Take snapshots at exactly the right moment by calling them from within your code.
We've had so many requests for this feature, we're sure that you'll be delighted that this is now possible. Simply link to the RedGate.MemoryProfiler.Snapshot DLL and call RedGate.MemoryProfiler.Snapshot.TakeSnapshot(). You can name your snapshot by providing a string argument to TakeSnapshot().

Completely redesigned summary screen

Improved support for applications using WPF.

Please send us your feedback about the EAP in this forum: What do / don't you like? Have you found any issues with using the tool? What would you like us to add next? We read and value all of your comments.

If you should encounter any problems, please click the 'Send to Red Gate' button so that we can correct the fault in time for the release.
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