Tabbed Decompiling not Working

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Tabbed Decompiling not Working

Postby walbalooshi » Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:00 pm

I am not sure if there is an option that needs to be set, but whenever I decompile a class it replaces the previous tab. I am not able to have more than one tab open. The left and right arrows next to the one open tab move me properly through the history of classes that I have decompiled, but I still can only see one at a time.

Also, clicking the "Quick Access for all Tabs" drop down only shows the current tab.

Can someone confirm that this isn't a bug on my end or an option that I have forgotten to enable. I haven't changed any settings; this is from a fresh extraction of the file that I downloaded called Reflector_7.0.0.198_Deploy.

I am using:

Windows 7 Pro x64

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Postby Bart Read » Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:48 pm

Hi there,

Sorry, I only just spotted that nobody had got back to you.

You used to have to hit CTRL+Click to open a new tab, however the new beta builds supports the standard middle-click approach so you should find it's working OK now. If not, please let me know.


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Postby tillig » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:09 pm

Without having seen this forum, I'd have never guessed how this works. I right-clicked on labels in the Assembly Browser, I right-clicked in the tab well... I right-clicked all over the place looking for an "Open in New Tab" option and never found it.

Might be something to consider adding, or at least a tool tip in the tab well that says to Ctrl+Click for a new tab. Or even a button in the tab well to start a new/empty tab for additional browsing.

Also, a possible defect with the way new tabs are created:
1) Create a new list with the .NET 4 assemblies in it.
2) Select the System.Xml assembly and decompile it so you have a tab with something in it (the assembly attributes).
3) Ctrl+Click the System.Core assembly so there are now two tabs - one with the System.Xml assembly attributes, one with the System.Core assembly attributes.
4) Close the System.Core tab. Note that System.Core is still selected in the Assembly Browser, but there's no tab for it.
5) Ctrl+Click System.Core again to re-open the tab. No tab opens.
6) Select a different assembly in the Assembly Browser.
7) Ctrl+Click System.Core again and the tab properly re-opens.

I arbitrarily chose System.Xml and System.Core in the example, but it doesn't matter which assemblies you select; the point is you can't re-open a tab for something that is already selected in the Assembly Browser.[/list]
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