"Failed to find this table" continual errors

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"Failed to find this table" continual errors

Postby Matt_B » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:38 am

In the last few days I started getting this error a bit and today I'm getting it continually. When it happens, it pops up a "Notify Red Gate of this error" prompt (coming up until a report is sent), and then I have to click OK once the report is sent.

I'm on a tight deadline today and this is making SSMS unusable. Can these be turned off once a few reports of teh same problem are sent?
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Postby Paul Stephenson » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:18 pm


Thank you for your feedback. I understand that having the dialog box continually popping up for the same error must be frustrating for you. We are looking at ways to make the error reporting mechanism more user-friendly before the full release of SQL Prompt 5.

The reports you and other users are sending through this mechanism are incredibly useful to us here at Red Gate during the development process, and will allow us to fix bugs that we might not otherwise have discovered.

In particular we are able to look at the issue you are hitting here. If you can put in a summary of what you were doing into the error report, or a snippet of your script, then it is even more useful to us. If, as here, you regrettably get the same error multiple times then including the summary once is enough.

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