Question About Table Rebuild When Doing Get Latest

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Question About Table Rebuild When Doing Get Latest

Postby jfennell » Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:49 pm


I posted this question in the "early access" forum, and I haven't received a response. Now that the EA forum is locked, I wanted to follow up on it by re-posting here.

I have a database under source control to which a new stored procedure was recently added on the remote (server) copy of the database. I am trying to use the "Get Latest" function to update my local copy of the database. When I go to the Get Latest tab under SQL Source Control for the database on my local system, the only change listed is the new stored procedure. When I try to perform the "Get Latest" function, SQL Source Control gives me a warning that it needs to rebuild one of the tables mentioned in the new stored procedure.

Why it would need to rebuild a table just to create a new stored procedure in the database? Shouldn't it be able to simply execute the CREATE PROCEDURE script?

Per your request, I emailed a database snapshot and copies of the SQL Source Control scripts to with a subject line of "Internal Reference Number: SOC-1235"

Please let me know the status of this issue and if there is anything more I can do to help troubleshoot it. Rebuilding that table takes a LONG time (1/2 hour+) given its size, and it is troubling that SSC wants to rebuild it when that doesn't seem necessary. Developers are starting to talk about circumventing the source control and applying scripts directly just to avoid the rebuild.

Thanks in advance for your help,
~ Jim Fennell
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