Have been given an SDK based on VC, and some dlls I need

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Have been given an SDK based on VC, and some dlls I need

Postby JTrahair » Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:41 am

I have to connect (using Bluetooth) a handheld computer of the sort used by parcels delivery drivers, and a battery operated receipt printer. The computer manufacturer's preferred bluetooth doesn't wake the printer when it goes to sleep (after 60 seconds, to conserve battery). They have given me an SDK with some dlls which do not import into VB2005. I (think I) have to use PInvoke to get round this problem. One of the dlls they supply is supposed to allow me to wake the printer up by using a call from it, but which dll, which call?

I am reasonably proficient in VB.Net, but not VC.

Will PInvoke.Net help me or should I look elsewhere? Thank you.
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Postby Paul.Martin » Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:52 pm

Your best bet is to just ask the computer manufacturer.

You will need to use PInvoke if the dlls are written in native code (i.e. not VB.NET, C# or similar).

PInvoke.net probably wont help as it is a community project where users contribute how the call dlls using PInvoke. So unless someone has used the dlls which you have been given they probably wont be there, but feel free to search for some of the dll names to see (and if not feel free to add them afterwards).

Did the computer manufacturers give you any of the header files (they usually have an extension ".h") with the SDK? If so they are the best place to start looking for the methods to call. Hopefully the methods will have sensible names.

If you find something which looks possible then feel free to post back giving the full signature of the method given in the header file and we can see if we can sort out a PInvoke version of the signature.

The best thing to do first though is just talk to the computer manufacturer as otherwise you are going to have a long search.
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